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Help with Supply of Cumulated Index Medicus (Alison Stewart) ANN ERCELAWN 24 Mar 1994 13:55 UTC

Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 15:12:58 +1000
From: Alison Stewart <Alison.Stewart@LIB.MONASH.EDU.AU>
Subject: supply of cummulated index medicus

Please reply directly to Alison Stewart, not to SERIALST. Thanks. -- ed.

I am having trouble trying to get the 1992 issues of Index Medicus Annual
Cummulation, and I was hoping some serials people might be able to help.

We pay for two subscriptions which are sent to two locations. One set has
been received. For the other set I have been faxing CIM, A Division of
Poste Haste in Arlington VA on the number (703) 533-3811. I did not
receive a reply to any of the faxes, and eventually I phoned them and the
number was disconnected. I then faxed the US Government Printing Office
on the number (202) 512-2250. I have not had any response from them either.

Can anyone suggest any further tactics (bar flying over, which would be
nice!). Any phone numbers or fax numbers will be appreciated, or contact

In desperation,

Alison Stewart, Biomedical Library, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

Email :