Alphabetical to Classified Shelf Arrangement (Paul Reynolds) ANN ERCELAWN 28 Mar 1994 21:31 UTC

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 1994 15:05:32 GMT+1000
From: Paul Reynolds <PR1@FS1.BALLARAT.EDU.AU>
Subject: alphabetical to classified shelf arrangement

We are presently considering changing our shelf arrangement for the
journals collection from an alphabetical sequence to a classified
(Dewey) arrangement. To this end I would be interested in hearing
from other people who have been through this experience previously
(or anybody else who would like to put their two "bobs" worth in). In
particular, we are grappling with the issue of unique call nos. for
title changes etc. (ie. are unique nos. necessary for appropriate
shelf location of items; and if they are, what is the most
#"happropriate method for achieving sequential shelf location of title
changes using the "cutter" scheme).

The other area I would appreciate feedback on is your
experiences/pitfalls in reshelving the collection from an
alphabetical to a classified sequence. We have 8 rows of 10 double-
sided bays in our collection, most of which is unbound. Any insights
into the best way in going about this horrendous task would be

I don't think this issue is one that warrants cluttering up the list
with, so could you address any responses to me please.

Thank you in anticipation

Paul Reynolds                        Tel: 053 279587
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E.J. Barker Library
University of Ballarat
Victoria.  Australia