Re: Microfilm: Positive or Negative? (Kris Carr) ANN ERCELAWN 30 Mar 1994 14:56 UTC

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 1994 09:22:04 EST
To: "@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU:owner-serialst@UVMVM.UVM.EDU"
Subject: RE: Microfilm: Positive or Negative? (Melissa Nasea)

Melissa Nasea-
I tend to agree that positive film is much easier to read and to my
knowledge most 35mm film is produced in positive format unless negative
is specifically requested (at least at UMI.)  However the converse is
true for fiche.  It is generally produced in the negative format.
Because this library is committed to microform archives for our
periodical collection, we have  invested in some more sophisticated
reader/printers (Minolta.)  They have an automatic exposure sensor
which will "read" the exposure and copy in positive format regardless
of microfom exposure.  Although our previous reader/printer did not
have this feature, we requested that the Minolta people place a chip
in all fiche r/p's to copy N-P, while film r/p's were P-P.  Thus
saving our staff considerable time with user assistance.  I've offered
far more than you have requested, but I hope this is helpful.

Kris Carr, Serials
Beneficial-Hodson Library
Hood College
Frederick, MD  21701