Re: Haworth Press Journals & Fair Use (Lionel Robson) ANN ERCELAWN 31 Mar 1994 14:07 UTC

Date: Thu, 31 Mar 1994 13:37:07 +1000
From: (Lionel Robson)
Subject: RE: Haworth Press Journals & Fair Use (Eleanor Cook)

>Date: Wed, 30 Mar 1994 21:27:11 -0400
>Subject: Haworth Journals
>RE: Haworth journals and fair use
>I have forwarded the original message to the CNI-Copyright List
>(with permission) and will let you all know what transpires there.
>Publishers who pretend that fair use does not exist are in for a big
>surprise. Haworth is particularly near and dear to many of us in the
>library world since many of us publish there.
>Eleanor I. Cook
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>Belk Library
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Hi Ms Cook,
"Near and DEAR"?  Like in expensive DEAR do you mean?  Most of the rhubarb
in Haworth journals should never see the light of day.  To quote an
americanism - its hogwash!!  Seems to me that Haworth saw a niche for
librarians who have to publish as part of their jobs so Haworth decided to
provide journals for us to do it in. Pity really because 90% of the bumf
should be trashed before anyone gets to see it.  well, thats my rhubarb for
this month.  Lionel Robson in Australia.