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Re: Haworth Press Journals & Fair Use (Eleanor Cook) ANN ERCELAWN 31 Mar 1994 20:57 UTC

Date: Thu, 31 Mar 1994 15:27:22 -0400
Subject: RE: Haworth Press Journals & Fair Use

TO: Lionel Robson:

I did not intend to begin a flame war about the merits and failing of
Haworth Press - though I acknowledge that there are a variety of
opinions about this publisher. My "near and dear" comment certainly
may be taken any way you wish! If anyone would like to continue this
thread, go right ahead, but don't quote me as taking a stand - and
yes, I work in a tenure-track institution.
   The original topic has to do with whether ANY publisher - not just
Haworth, can limit fair use by making statements such as Haworth has
inside their journals. I think the participants of the Copyright list
will have plenty to say about it, as well as those of you interested
in the topic may, on this list.

Have at it!

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