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Date:         Tue, 19 Apr 1994 08:19:03 EDT
From:         Maggie Rioux <mrioux@HOH.MBL.EDU>
Subject:      Re: Changing monographs to serials

Regarding Bonnie's question about changing monographs to serials - we
have a similar problem, but it involves going the other way.  We find
monographic series which have, in the past, been treated as serials
because it was easier.  Serial issues didn't have to be cataloged.

  Now that we have an online catalog and good catalogers, we're moving
some of those series to the monographs.  If there are a whole lot of
volumes (say, over 15 to 25), we select a convenient starting point
for the change.  Usually that's a spot divisible by ten (e.g. 1-120 in
serials, 121- in monographs).  We put some kind of block at the end of
the serial run on the shelf (serials being alphabetical by title in
another part of the library from monographs) which tells where to go
for the rest of the series.  We also tend to give all the monographs
the same call number so that they'll continue to be shelved together
even though it's on a different floor.  With full subject, author and
title access, it doesn't matter so much where they live physically.
The catalog provides additional collocation with the serial run via
the series title entry in each of the monographic records, and there's
a public note in the subscription copy record in the PAC referring the
patron to monographic entries.

  Perhaps there are some suggestions here which would be of use when
dealing with the opposite process, i.e. moving from monographs to
serials.  I would generally leave the monographic records alone unless
there are only a few and would refer patrons from the serial record
and stack area to monographic records for preceeding volumes.

  Good luck, it's a lot of work whichever direction you are moving the

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Date:         Tue, 19 Apr 1994 16:37:00 +1000
From:         Robyn Benjamin <rbenjami@METZ.UNE.EDU.AU>
Subject:      Re: Monographs to Serials


We do exactly what you have been doing.
It is not such a problem for us, however, as
we are probably a much smaller library (ca. 750,000 vols)
We are now endeavouring to catch these 'mono' orders at
the pre-order stage --- certainly at the cat. stage.
Even if they are to be a one off, we'll catalogue them
as a 'closed' serial.

As you say, it keeps like material together and is much
more sensible for our users.  It also shows some degree
of consistency!


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