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binding g.jennings@QUT.EDU.AU 31 Aug 1994 05:32 UTC


I am the Senior Library Assistant in the Serials Unit, Acquisitions,
Queensland Univ. of Tech, and have recently looked at the binding
module of URICA 2000 version 5, for our own use. It is tedious,
labour intensive and in a (few) word(s), no better than our current
manual system.

This is disappointing as many of our staff at the five branch
libraries would like to be able to access this data. Due to staffing
shortages we can not at present even forward to them lists of
titles/vols sent to binding. The current procedure is that staff have
to ring Serials to get this information - not ideal!

I too would be interested in any information about standalones as
our Acquisitions Manager has made the decision that binding will be
automated by the end of the year.

In a couple of weeks I will be looking at the "Access" package with a
view to using it. I can let you know what we decide. I would like to
hear from you though if anyone has some other good options.

As for your other questions, these would be best answered by my
supervisor. At present though, we have enough money for binding (-
alas not for the staffing required to collect and process it), and we
use traditional binding methods through commercial binderies,
both local and interstate, with the use of spiral binding and thermal
binding for in house repairs and maintenance.

I hope to hear from you!

Gaye Jennings
Senior Library Assistant
Serials Unit, Library
Kelvin Grove Campus
Queensland University of Technology
Ph. (07) 8645573
Fax (07) 8645539