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Re: Nonmember participation in CONSER Nancy Birkrem 04 Aug 1994 15:39 UTC

On Wed, 3 Aug 1994, Enrique E. Gildemeister wrote:

> A few days ago Beverley Geer-Butler of NASIG sent out a report on the
> discussion that took place at NASIG's 9th Annual Conference's Catalogers'
> Informal Discussion Group Meeting. She mentioned that Jean Hirons,acting CONSE
> Coordinator at LC, reported that CONSER is experimenting with the possibility
> that non-participants may be authorized to do some record maintenance, such
> as supplying closing dates and linking notes for ceased titles.
> I think this is a wonderful idea, especially if some smaller institutions
> participate. Many a time I have received the first issue of a new serial
> and wished, having the last piece of the earlier title close at hand (my
> hypothetical library only occupies half a floor of a tall building) and
> zip-zip-zip add the information. I used to work for the Center for Puerto
> Studies at Hunter College, City University of New York, and we would get
> hand-written letters from editors saying they were closing out a title.

HERE, HERE.  While it rarely happens here, I too have had the known last
piece of a serial and a publisher's letter (or similar) and more often no
new title and had to send in an error report to OCLC hoping they will make
the change.  Especially hoping that it go in as  362 0  -v. x (19xx)
rather than as 362 1  Ceased with ...

Nancy Birkrem
Serials Cataloguing Librarian
Mount Holyoke College
So. Hadley, Mass.