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Advances in instructional psychology Steve Savage 05 Aug 1994 16:48 UTC

Just in the past few minutes since my thank you message was forwarded to
Serialst, I've received 4 private messages asking just who the publisher
turned out to be.  I didn't suspect so many people would be needing to
know that also, or would be just plain curious!  The unanimous answer to the
question asking what company publishes "Advances in instructional
pyschology" is:

Lawrence Erlbaum
365 Broadway
Hillsdale NJ 07642
(201) 666-4110

The most recently received piece was volume 4, received by several
institutions in October, 1994.

Thanks again to everyone who sent messages with help for my question.

Steve  Savage
University of Kentucky Libraries
Lexington, KY  40506-0039