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Request for vendor information Birdie MacLennan 09 Aug 1994 16:49 UTC

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Date:         Tue, 2 Aug 1994 15:58:54 -0700
From:         California Pacific Medical Center <gwiazda@CLASS.ORG>

I just signed on to this list so I don't know if there has been any
discussion about Faxon's financial situation.  I imagine there has.  My
question concerns the possibility of our library switching from Faxon to
EBSCO.  I would appreciate resposes from customers of EBSCO.  Have you been
satisfied, or not?  Is claiming a simplified or a complicated procedure?
Are claims resolved in a timely fashion?  Do you feel the services they
offer correspond adequately to their fees?  Any information positive or
negative would be helpful.  Thank you in advance.

Terry Gwiazdowski, Serials Manager
California Pacific Medical Center
Health Sciences Library
PO Box 7999
San Francisco, CA  94120-7999

Note from the editor:  Terry and other SERIALST readers may be
interested in perusing the MEDLIB-L (Medical librarians) discussion logs
on the listserv@ubvm.bitnet (or since June 1994
for informal discussion re. evaluating subscription vendors, including
EBSCO, Faxon, and others.  MEDLIB-L's archives are publicly accessible
(whether one subscribes to MEDLIB-L or not) from
Also, please reply to Terry Gwiazdowski and not to SERIALST with individual
responses.  Thanks.   --Birdie