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Faxon (fwd) Dale Hague 11 Aug 1994 21:25 UTC

Miami University Libraries does not plan to shift their $900,000+ business
with Faxon to other vendors. We've been following developments in the
situation closely, we've been given the same information as UC Berkeley,
and while we plan to wait for verification of payment of the 1994
subscriptions and that 1995 subscriptions are ensured, we trust that Faxon has
been honest with us.

We've been very satisfied with the services Faxon has provided for many
years.  We admire and appreciate Faxon's leadership position in developing
and promoting EDI and other electronic services.  We do not think there is
any advantage for Miami University Libraries to change vendors at this

Dale Hague <>
Head, Technical Services
Miami University Libraries
Oxford, Ohio 45056