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Faxon Susan Davis 11 Aug 1994 22:38 UTC

Since the list now seems to be accepting messages about Faxon, I am
submitting an edited version of a message I composed and shared
privately with some folks.
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RE: Faxon

I have always thought that Faxon was a class act, they have done a
lot for standards development, participated in many library organizations,
supported a number of initiatives, hired very capable and knowledgeable
people, and maintained a level of subscription expertise that did not
require the "hard sell" which I personally detest.
When the big troubles began, I was
concerned not only for my account, but for the realm of subscription
agencies.  Libraries need viable choices to find the best fit (or fits)
for their own situations.  Look at how the numbers have dwindled over
the past 20 years.  And since UB has a philosophy of multiple vendors
(we use another domestic agency, partly to minimize our exposure, but
we're fairly exposed with $400,000ish with Faxon), we want a real choice.
And we'd like Faxon to be a viable choice.

Our reasons for staying with Faxon?  Well, the one which makes or breaks
our opinion of Faxon is the service the account rep gives us.  And she is,
without hesitation or qualification, the best account rep I have ever
worked with.

I cannot document a drop
in service this year, so cannot find fault on that issue.  I do not want
to be responsible for putting my account rep on the unemployment lines
by panicking prematurely.  Yet, I could very well be caught holding the

I am not so concerned about the 1995 subscription money.  I believe
(perhaps naively) that Faxon will use 1995 payments for 1995 subscriptions.
What I am concerned about is their ability to deliver the service to
which my library has become accustomed. If their client base is severely
diminished, they may not have the $$ to continue operations as usual.
But I truly feel it is in the library community's interest that we
maintain as many choices of subscription agent as possible.  And I think
Faxon can be one of them.  I'm willing to help, within reason.

We normally do not renew until Sept. 1, so I have a bit of breathing
space.  I will probably ask for the best written guarantees I can
get from Faxon, but fully expect that we will renew our list as is.

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