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Faxon-related (2 messages) Birdie MacLennan 12 Aug 1994 22:17 UTC

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Date:         Fri, 12 Aug 1994 11:20:28 EST
From:         Diane Altimari <ALTIMARID@LAW-LIB.LAW.NOVA.EDU>
Subject:      Re: Faxon (fwd)

Both the Law Library and the Einstein Library of Nova Southeastern
University, will stay with Faxon.

We have been very satisfied with their service and we believe that
they are being honest and open about their present financial

I believe that Faxon realized that the almost sale to Donnelly was
not in the best interest of their customers.

I am happy that they plan to keep control of their Domestic interests.

Diane Altimari
Nova Southeastern University Law Library
Budget coordinator

Date:         Fri, 12 Aug 1994 16:16:24 -0400
From:         "Scott B. Wicks" <sbw2@CORNELL.EDU>
Subject:      Healthy competition and Faxon

I have been reading the latest postings on SERIALST regarding the impact of
our decisions, our very discussions, on the future viability of a
subscription agent.

I agree that rumor and misinformation can be damaging to an agent.  I even
have some personal knowledge of the impact of factual statements made on
such fora as listservs.

I also agree that it is in our interest to have healthy competition between
our vendors.

Having said that, I find that the discussion regarding Faxon over the last
month has been sorely absent.  I have to wonder how widespread was the
information I was privy to over the last three to four weeks.  I saw none
of the information posted to any library listserv.

Because of the access I had to this information, I was able to weigh the
consequences of action/inaction with regard to the future of Cornell's
domestic  subscriptions.  I feel very strongly that I made the best
decisions for Cornell University, who happens to issue my paycheck every
two weeks.  The best decisions are the informed decisions.

It is my job to ensure the continued access to serial publications for
Cornell faculty,  staff,  and students.  It is my job to ensure that the
monies allocated for serial purchases will be paid to the publishers to
secure these serials.  It is my job to ensure my staff will be able to
manage the work they must do in order to make these serials available to
the Cornell user community.

It is NOT my job to manage a subscription agency to assure libraries that
they will receive continued service, that the publishers will be paid and
continue to send along the issues, that the hardworking staff will continue
to receive a paycheck.  Cornell pays someone else a lot of money to do that
work for us.

We all have to make our own decisions based on the factors relevant to our
particular situations.  I feel I have made the best decisions I could for
Cornell University and do not begin to presume I speak for anyone else.

The best decisions are the informed decisions.   Let's keep communication
open, accurate, friendly, and informative.

Thank you.


                        Scott B. Wicks                      *
                  Acquisitions Librarian              *
            Cornell University Library       *
                    110A Olin Library          *
                         Ithaca, NY              *
                       14853-5301        *
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