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Online access to OPAC records (update) Kathleen Thorne 16 Aug 1994 02:45 UTC

Thank you to all of you who have replied to my questions about percentage
and type of staff permitted to update bibliographic records in online

Most of the replies came from small libraries; we're a fairly large library,
and I would really like to hear from some of you who are of comparative
size. The University Library here has a staff of 27 librarians, 57 support

Tomorrow afternoon we will be discussing this in the User Services meeting,
and I hope to convince a number of departments that their staff should NOT
be passworded to update the bibliographic records. Could any of you larger
libraries reply with your policies on such access by then?  I would be very
grateful -- we're beginning to drown in records changed by people who really
don't know what they are doing and should never be able to make arbitrary
changes based on whim ....

Again, my thanks.
                 --Kathleen Thorne    (
                   Serials cataloger
                   San Jose State University Library