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Does this title need a new record? - Help needed Maggie Rioux 22 Aug 1994 14:57 UTC

Hi. We here at MBL/WHOI have a serials cataloging question.
Woods Hole Oceanographic has published Oceanus (ISSN 0009-8182)
since 1952.   The OCLC record # is 1761014.
   At the beginning of 1994, the magazine changed radically in scope.
It still has the same numbering, but there is now a subtitle -
reports on research at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, which
reflects the new scope.  It used to cover oceanography in general, now
it will be reports of our research written by our scientists.  (It's also a
different size and down to semi-annual from quaterly, but that's not
an issue).
    Does this title need a new cataloging record?  The title proper hasn't
changed, but it could easily now take WHOI as a main entry instead of
being cataloged under title.  Incidently,  AGL (National Agricultural
Library) seems to have closed off the  existing cataloging record, but
with questionable information on the last issue (fixed field shown as
1952-199u and 362 just says "ceased").  The last issue in the old
scope/format was 36:4, Winter 1993/94.  The first issue in the new
scope is 37:1, Spring 1994.  It still shows the same ISSN.
  Thanks for any help you are able to give.  We can enter the new
record on OCLC; however we will be unable to make the appropriate
changes in the old record since we are not an enhancing library.
  Maggie Rioux

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