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Online binding management Annalisa Van Avery 23 Aug 1994 21:20 UTC

        I have been asked to chair a group preparing specifications for a
binding component for our online system (Geac's ADVANCE).  If some
SERIALST members already have bindery management in your automated systems,
would you be willing to correspond with me?  I am particularly interested
in:    Is the bindery function part of serials management?
       What does it do for you?  What doesn't it do?
       How did you make the transition from manual files to the online system?

       Do you have a list of specs you are willing to share?

        Please reply to me personally.  I would be most interested in
visiting a site with a working system, if it is within reasonable distance
from Albany, NY, but any helpful communication will be much appreciated!

        Annalisa Van Avery                 AV691@ALBNYVMS.BITNET
        Head, Phys. Proc. & Bind. Dept.
        University Libraries, ULB35
        SUNY at Albany
        Albany, NY  12222