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Re: ?Best's insurance reports. Life-health Melodie Sanders 09 Nov 1994 19:13 UTC

> hi, i'm betsy shipley the title change clerk here at michigan state u. i am
> following this title closely since i will be working on it very soon. have
> you sent in an error report to oclc yet?

No. Nor, do I have plans to do so. We use OCLC primarily for searching, but
not cataloging. At this point, I am still evaluating how I will handle the
titles. If I had more information, had seen the Canada volume, and more
than 3 years full-time experience cataloging serials, then I might have
considered contacting OCLC. If others are able to use the information I
posted, I'm glad. But, I'd feel more comfortable if before they used it
on a national level database like OCLC, they could confirm the changes
with all the pieces involved.

> i try and do this whenever i have the
> issues so they can replace the record for others to use. i'm keeping all the
> letters regarding this title in my file folder since i'll be working on this
> within the next few weeks.

Since I had only a verbal confirmation of the information from a
non-cataloger, I intended to note on a non-public field of our record the
need to confirm the "Canada" information if we ever added that title to
our catalog. I consider the confirmation as sort of "cip" type information.
:) If someone else does confirm that information, I would appreciate
hearing about it. :)

BTW, so far the responses have all suggested I handle the titles as a
split title. I will look at it again, and probably go that route. :)

Thanks again,

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