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(no subject) Birdie MacLennan 14 Nov 1994 21:01 UTC

We are planning for the expansion of our library building.  Our bound
periodicals (approx. 95,400 volumes) currently are housed in a stack area
adjacent to a current reading room, staff area & microforms room.  When we
move to a new floor after the expansion, everything will move to the new floor,
except unfortunately there won't be enough room ffor all the bound volumes.
Some of them will have to stay where they are.  What we are considering is how
to split the bound collection.  Should we: 1)split it strictly by a cut-off
date, i.e. every volume dated before 1950 will be left in the existing stack
area, or 2) only move the current 1O (or whatever) years of every current title
to the new area, or 3) keep complete runs of a number of dead titles in the
old area?  Our periodicals are arranged alphabetically by title.

I know the answer is not to split at all, but could any libraries that have
split their bound periodicals collection please respond directly to me with
a description  of how you did it and the problems it has caused.  If there is
interest, I will summarize for the list.  Thank you.

   Kathy Woo
   Periodicals Librarian-Univ. of San Francisco Library       (415)666-2051