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BIOLOGICAL & AGRICULTURAL INDEX from the H.W.Wilson Company Gary M Klein (bear-at-heart) 17 Nov 1994 14:55 UTC

     Does your library subscribe to the Bio & Ag Index?

     Whether you get Bio & Ag on paper, on CDROM, or tape loads, you ought
to know that you should be in possession of a survey instrument, aimed at
libraries which subscribe to this index.

     I am writing this as a reminder, that this questionnaire was
prepared by the H. W. Wilson Company and The Committee on Wilson Indexes
of the American Library Association's Reference and Adult Services Division.

     I am one of ten members of this RASD/ALA committee, and we would
like to get input from as many subscribers of the BIOLOGICAL & AGRICULTURAL
INDEX as possible.

     One copy of this 10 page questionnaire was mailed out to every
subscriber of the Bio & Ag Index during October 1994, and bears a DUE DATE
of November 23, 1994.

     Topics covered by this questionnaire include:

- What periodicals should be added to Bio & Ag?
- What periodicals should be deleted from Bio & Ag?
- Should there be any changes to the subject areas covered in Bio & Ag?
- Should there be any changes to the subject headings and cross references
    used for indexing Bio & Ag?

     If you have misplaced the preaddressed return envelope, then please note
the proper mailing address where you should send your completed survey:
                           H. W. WILSON COMPANY
                           950 University Avenue
                           Bronx, New York  10452
               ATTENTION:  Bio & Ag Index Survey

     If you subscribe to the Bio & Ag Index, and cannot locate the survey
but would like to fill it out, please phone the H.W.Wilson Company as soon
as possible:               USA & Canada:  800-367-6770
                           elsewhere:     718-588-8400

     The Committee on Wilson Indexes truly would like your input in order
for the Biological & Agricultural Index to reflect the needs of people
who actually use this reference tool.


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