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In-house binding of serials LYN MARTIN 17 Nov 1994 19:20 UTC

My library currently binds most periodcals in-house using an "ancient"
"Bind-it" machine from Gaylord.  This process is costly (in terms of
supplies and staff time).  The process is also ineffective, as many
of the newly bound volumes become "unbound" after only a few uses.

Many of the in-house bound journals are discarded after several
years when micro-formats are purchased.  Many others are retained
"forever".  A few heavy-use titles are sent to a commercial bindery
once per year.

I would like to know how other academic libraries handle binding of
periodicals.  I am particularly interested in other in-house methods
used and the effectiveness and cost of those methods.  I am also
interested in cost comparisons between in-house and commercial

Please resond to me and I will summarize for the list.

Thank you,

Lyn Martin
SUNY Cobleskill
Voice:  518-234-5841
Fax:    518-234-5333