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Help with Gov.Docs. (Deanna Iltis) Birdie MacLennan 18 Nov 1994 22:37 UTC

In reply to Helen Aiello:

Date: 18 Nov 1994 10:40:27 U
From: "ILTIS Deanna W" <>
Subject: RE: Help with Gov.Docs.

Here at the Oregon State Library (for the past 1 1/2 years) we have
automated our government documents processing and shelflisting
functions using a customized version of Margaret Mooney's Univ. of
California at Riverside's USDOCS system.  We are a 63% depository

USDOCS provides one-step, one-keystroke processing, labeling,
electronic shelflisting of depository documents.  Bernan and Marcive
offer comparable shelflist record services which can be used with
USDOCS; we have chosen Bernan because it is less expensive and allows
us to FTP the records to our site.

USDOCS processing results in dBase monographic and serial records which
are stored in our 486 PC.  At the State Library, our customization has
been to translate the monographic records (via Data Magician software)
from dBase into MARC format and then load them in batches into our
local online catalog (DRA variety).  In the OPAC they appear as
temporary short (but not too short) bibliographic records, allowing us
to barcode and inventory our federal documents immediately after
receipt. The last step will be to match and overlay the brief OPAC
records with full Marcive tape records; this final step is awaiting a
DRA system upgrade which is due this fall.

Due to downsizing in state government, our federal documents staff had
been coincidentally reduced from 3 to 1, but our remaining documents
technician handles the 63% with ease, with at least 2 days a week free
for other documents maintenance tasks.  If you note enthusiasm here,
you are correct--we still break into smiles everytime the computer
prints out another shipping list's worth of labels!

In similarity with your situation, I came uon this automation task from
outside the documents section (cataloging)--at times that new
perspective on documents "problems" has been useful here.

If you want more information from another USDOCS site nearby, you might
contact the documents librarian at MIT--she's as enthusiastic as I am.
And, you are certainly welcome to contact me for more information.

One last thought:  the latest issue of DTTP (Documents to the People)
contained a 2 page article by Margaret Mooney describing the USDOCS
system which she developed.

Deanna Iltis, Cataloging Coordinator
Oregon State Library
(503) 378-4198 ext 245