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Splitting of Periodical Collection - Summary Kathleen x2051 22 Nov 1994 19:36 UTC

Many thanks for the 16 detailed responses that I received to my question
regarding splitting periodical collections.  Briefly, the results were as

    2 libraries have an alphabetical break
    1 library has dead titles in storage
    8 have a strict date break (ranging from 1930 to 1987; most keep the
older volumes in open stacks)
    3 keep a current span of 5 to 10 years in one location (two of these
say they determined the number of years by use studies; one says this is a
"nightmare to maintain.")
    2 have periodicals on 3 floors--bound volumes split by date and the
current issues on yet another floor.

Many respondents emphasized the need for good signage.  Also, if the
collection is split by date, there is a problem with the 2 year volumes
that coincide with the split years.

Your information has been of great help with my planning.  I am tending
towards splitting by date if we have to--there is still a ray of hope that
we can plan the new extension and keep the periodicals together.

     Kathy Woo
     Univeristy of San Francisco Library