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BEST Serial Title Change of the Year! (Mitch Turitz) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 28 Nov 1994 23:14 UTC

Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 13:42:28 -0800
From: Mitch Turitz <turitz@MERCURY.SFSU.EDU>
Subject: BEST serial title change of the year!
X-cc:, AUTOCAT <>

I would like to ARTHURIANA (and, incidently the Editor, Bonnie Wheeler)
for the most RESPONSIBLE letter to accompany a serial title change.  Part
of which is repeated below:  -- Mitch

"Dear Librarian/ Cataloguer,

  We at ARTHURIANA know that your job is already difficult.  Our recent
changes of title and publishing institution will doubtless add an extra
difficulty to your day, so we have tried to simplify your task by
providing you with our full cataloguing information.  This information
was prepared by a fellow Librarian and approved by our SMU Serials
Cataloging Department.  We hope it is useful to you.

  We promise not to make any more changes until Noah's next flood.

  Thank you for your patience.

  Bonnie Wheeler

The letter is then accompanied by one page with the detailed cataloging
for the three titles (the entire history of "Arthurian Interpretations";
"Quondam et Fururus"; and, "Arthuriana."

I only wish other publishers would take this much effort every time they
make a title change.

-- Mitch

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