Re: Cataloguing query: OCLC records #1478738 & #8742312 William C. Anderson 01 May 1995 15:45 UTC

From: Herbert Weinryb, LC Serials Cataloger
Re: Cataloging query: OCLC records #1478738 & #8742312
Date: 5/1/95

This message includes a short reply to the recent SERIALST
posting regarding OCLC records #1478738 and #8742312.  Since the
pieces have not yet been examined further, this comment should be
considered provisional in nature.

Both of these records were authenticated by the Library of
Congress in 1986.  These records were cataloged before the 1988
revision of _AACR2_ was issued.  At that time neither rule 21.2A1
nor the complimentary LC rule interpretation existed in the
present form.  Under the current LCRI it would appear that these
two records would be collapsed, since the latter part of the
title consists solely of variant forms of the name of the issuing
body.  The pieces will be examined and the records adjusted to
comply with current rules and LCRIs.

Please direct all further technical questions concerning LC
serial bibliographic records to the Serial Record Division at  Thanks for the input.