Re: re. labelling stock Annalisa Van Avery 01 May 1995 21:55 UTC

        I have been puzzled by the recent messages saying that labels,
especially foil-backed labels, peel and don't stay on the books.  We
have not had those problems since some years ago, when we switched to
foil-backed labels (from the cheaper, plain paper type).  In our exper-
ience, the foil-backed labels stay on very well.  In fact, when we want
to remove one, it is very difficult to do!  Our current batch is from
Highsmith, but we have had other brands, and have not noticed any
difference among the major library supply houses.  One thing we do after
we apply the spine labels is to "paint" over the label with white Elmer's
glue.  It dries clear, and gives an added slipperyness that makes the
label harder to mark up or tear off.

        I wonder if perhaps different environmental factors, like temp-
erature and humidity, make a difference in the behavior of various label
stock.  The air in our library buildings tends to be dry.

        Annalisa Van Avery, Head, Physical Processing & Bindery/Periodicals
Cataloger, SUNY Albany