Re: re. labelling stock Nancy Ricker 02 May 1995 19:24 UTC

I agree with Annalisa.  We have used Highsmith foil backed labels for
10 years and have little trouble with them.  We use a label protector
(Transparent Label-Lock from The Library Store) over the labels on
all new books.  However, label protectors do not stick well on older
books (to dry?) so we only use the foil backed labels on them.  The
labels do not come off easily even when we want them to.  Usually we
get the top layer off, but the foil backing remains on the book!  I
do make a point to really rub the label and protector on with a
fingernail.  Our workstudy student uses a key since he doesn't have
fingernails!!  We have humidity controlled climate here in our new
building but it still tends to be dry more often than not.  I never
want to go back to Selin labels again.  They seemed to stick
everywhere but where I wanted them to - usually to the typewriter

Nancy Ricker
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