New Copyright Resource on the WWW from CCC Dave Davis 02 May 1995 21:55 UTC

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The Copyright Clearance Center has recently established 'CCC Online',
designed to help users gain permission to photocopy copyrighted
material. Anyone with access to the World Wide Web on the Internet
has access to CCC Online. The URL for CCC Online is:

Some of the capabilities of this new resource are:

     ==>  ANYONE (with WWW access) can SEARCH through the catalogs
          and see royalty information.

     ==>  Current customers of the Transactional Reporting Service can
          REPORT THEIR COPYING via CCC Online. (Academic Permissions
          Service customers reporting coursepack copying will be
          able to report copying this summer.)

     ==>  You can SIGN UP ONLINE as a customer.

We hope you find this new resource useful, and feel free to send us
feedback through the button provided on every 'page.'

Dave Davis, Senior Account Representative, TRS
Copyright Clearance Center    Tel: (508) 750-8400
222 Rosewood Drive            Fax: (508) 750-4470