MultiLIS Serials Control Software Teleconference (John Schumacher) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 11 May 1995 18:10 UTC

Date: Thu, 11 May 1995 13:26:01 -0400
From: John Schumacher - SLSC <schumaje@SLSCVA.CA.SUNYCENTRAL.EDU>
Subject: MultiLIS Serials Control software teleconference

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SUNYSat Teleconference on the MultiLIS Serials Control Software

June 15, 1995 2-3pm

        Mr. John Richardson,             DRA Information Inc. (MultiLIS)
        Ms. Johanna Bowen,               SUNY Cortland
        Ms. Jane Subramanian,            SUNY Potsdam
        Mr. John Schumacher (moderator), SUNY Library Support Center

To provide an overview of the new serials control module of MultiLIS'
        integrated library automation system.  In addition, software
        implementation issues will be addressed from the perspective of
        libraries moving from an automated system to MultiLIS as well as
        that of libraries moving from a manual serials system to the MultiLIS
        software.  A question and answer period is scheduled for the second
        half of the hour.
After 2:30pm on June 15th, call 800-872-9235 (U.S. and Canada) with your
MultiLIS Serials Control software questions.

Receiving the broadcast:
SUNY libraries can receive the teleconference on SUNYSat channel 2

For others, the specifics on receiving this broadcast are:
        Ku Band, Spacenet 3, Transponder 22 (please note that this is a
            transponder number and not a channel number)
        Downlink frequency = 12,000 Mhz  Audio frequency = 6.2 and 6.8 Mhz
        From 1:45pm until 2pm on the day of the teleconference, a test signal
        is broadcasted.  If you have questions about this information, contact
        the New York Network at 518-443-5333.
        (Also, note that the "footprint" of this signal covers approximately
         the eastern half of North America.)

Requests for videotapes of the broadcast can be sent to one of the addresses

John Schumacher
Library Automation Implementation Program (LAIP)
State University of New York
SUNY Plaza
Albany, NY USA 12246

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