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The SAC Program Planning Subcommittee apologizes for cross postings.  Please
feel free to distribute this announcement to other appropriate lists.


   The ALCTS/CCS Subject Analysis Committee will sponsor a program at
the ALA annual conference in Chicago on Sunday, June 25, 2:00-5:30, McCormick
Place Complex, Room E-152.  The program is entitled "Crisis in Subject
Cataloging and Retrieval" and is co-sponsored by the RASD/MOPSS/Catalog Use
Committee. The program will address the fact that in the profession at large
there is an erosion of confidence in subject cataloging as a cost effective
endeavor. This perception is so widespread that those of us who are committed
to subject access need to ask ourselves where the failure lies. Issues
addressed in this program will include an historical perspective,
administrative issues, public service aspects, education for the profession,
cultural barriers, and implications for the future.

   Speakers and their topics are:

Arlene G. Taylor, Associate Professor, School of Library and Information
  Science, University of Pittsburgh -- "Introduction to the Crisis"
Francis L. Miksa, Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information
  Science, University of Texas at Austin -- Bibliographic Control
  Traditions and Subject Access in Library Catalogs"
Sheila S. Intner, Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information
  Science, Simmons College -- "Subject Access Education--Oxymoron or
Thomas Mann, Reference Librarian, Library of Congress -- "Cataloging and
  Reference Work"
Michael Gorman, Dean of Libraries, California State University at Fresno
  -- "The Cost and Value of Organized Subject Access"

   During and at the end of the program, time will be allocated for
audience questions and comments.