CONSER documentation for e-serials William C. Anderson 18 May 1995 15:41 UTC

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From: Bill Anderson, CONSER Specialist
Re:   Availability of CONSER documentation on *Remote Access
      Computer File Serials*
Date: May 18th

As many of you already know, the CONSER Program has been
arduously working to develop documentation for cataloging
electronic serials.  (I'm sure you also understand some of the
challenges in this area.)  Module 31, *Remote Access Computer
File Serials,* prepared by Melissa Beck (UCLA), is ready for
publication and will appear in Update 3 of the _CONSER Cataloging
Manual_, distributed by LC's Cataloging Distribution Service.
This should appear sometime around ALA (i.e., June or July).

We are also announcing electronic access to the module via two

     *  World Wide Web via *Tools for Serials Catalogers*

     *  FTP via LC's FTP site
          login as *anonymous*
          cd /pub/
          get concatman.e_serials.wp51
          (Remember to enter <bin> prior to using the *get*
          command since this is in WordPerfect 5.1)

Both the HTML and WordPerfect versions lack some of the figures
included in the print format, but the textual content is
complete.  CONSER would like to express its sincere thanks to Ann
Ercelawn for converting the WP version to HTML on such short
notice (and for maintaining the *Tools for Serials Catalogers*
home page--URL=

For those of you who responded to messages distributed by CONSER
members assisting with the module, **Thank you very much.**  All
the input was quite helpful in resolving (at least for now) some
of the knotty issues.  If policy decisions didn't come out quite
the way you expected, well ... stay tuned, this is a rather fluid