Re: support staff listserv for serials? Steve Murden 18 May 1995 20:29 UTC

First, thanks to Birdie for speaking up regarding the diversity
of subjects treated on SERIALST.

> Serials List seems most concerned with cataloging... not my milieu.

And second, this is not intended to be a flame.  ;-)

Although a great many of the discussions on this list start with
cataloging-specific questions/queries/comments, I find those
almost always have relevance for any staff who would be doing
serials receiving and/or public service.  In our case, my staff
do both.  I frequently forward these postings to staff who may
well be dealing with the same issues being discussed.

Also, in my institution, we do not have any catalogers who are
specifially devoted to serials.  Our 3 (yes, only 3) professional
catalogers and their staff of 10-12 paraprofessionals, do all
materials, in all formats.  I frequently bemoan this lack of
serials specialization, since I seem to be the one to take up
a lot of the slack.  And I have frequently commisserated with
colleagues who head or work in their own institution's separate
serials cataloging departments (a luxury we will never see here).

So, as a former-cataloger-wannabe, I say, keep up the threads.
They can be very useful to many of us, professional and
para-professional alike.

Pseudo-flame off.

Steve Murden
Virginia Commonwealth University