Re: support staff listserv for serials? Karen Nadeski 18 May 1995 21:19 UTC

I subscribed to LIBSUP-L for about a month a month or two ago.  It's as
active a list as AUTOCAT unfortunately, so I had to get off, even after
trying to just be a digest subscriber.  However, I did notice that serial
questions similar to those posted on SERIALST were asked by those subscribers
to LIBSUP-L from time to time, which I found rather frustrating.  It seemed
to emphasize once again the fragmentary nature of communication on the
Internet.  I think it's great that support staff have a discussion group on
the net, but I would hope that specific work-related queries such as Does
anyone have the address of Publisher X? or Did this title change with v. ...,
no. ...? would be posted to a "shared" news exchange forum like SERIALST and
not be considered of less importance here because the query comes from a
"non-MLS encumbered" individual (a phrase which comes up quite a bit on
LIBSUP-L and one that I find amusing -- and some days, QUITE appropriate!).

("Of less importance" to a support staff member who might feel intimidated by
SERIALST, not less important to SERIALST subscribers themselves, who seem to
respond quickly to anyone in need.)

Of course, I do realize that each of us can only keep up with so many lists,
and many LIBSUPpers may only have time for that particular list ...

Karen Nadeski
Serials Cataloger
Amherst College