Preservation Filming request Judy Knop 23 May 1995 20:39 UTC

Please reply to Judy Knop <JKNOP@ATLA.ATLA.COM>, not to SERIALST.  Thanks.
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The American Theological Library Association is planning to film
*Evangelisch-lutherische Kirche in Bayern. Landessynode. Verhandlungen der
Landessynode der Evangelisch-lutherischen Kirche in Bayern r.d. Rhs., v. 1-90

We lack v. 9 (1946).

We have searched all the usual sources and have been unable to locate this
particular volume.  Nor has the publisher been able to supply this volume.
Does anyone hold this volume and would you be willing to loan it to ATLA for
a period of 3-4 months so that we could film a complete set?  We would be
willing to film this volume in a book cradle and return it unharmed.

Please reply directly to me at

Thank you for your assistance.

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