Call for papers-Advances in Collection Dev. & Resource Management Tom Leonhardt 24 May 1995 01:05 UTC

JAI Press, Inc.
Advances in Collection Development and Resource Management


        Volume 1 (1995) of Advances in Collection Development and Resource
Management  has been published and work has now begun on Vol. 2 (1996). We
welcome articles on any aspect of collection development, acquisitions, and
resource management, including access services, interlibrary lending and
borrowing, etc. The following list is brief and meant to be suggestive, not
all-inclusive or prescriptive.Please telephone me or query via FAX, USPS, or
email if you have any questions.

        Suggested Topics

Electronic ordering
Prompt Cat
Bidding your serials, approval plans, monographs - or criteria for vendor
Document Delivery
Interlibrary lending and borrowing
Exchange Programs
Collection Development and Electronic Materials
Licensing Agreements
State Resource Sharing Networks
OP/Antiquarian Procurement


Articles should be double-spaced, including the abstract and end-notes. Two
copies of each article should  be submitted on bond paper and laser-printed
if possible. Above all, copy should be clean and legible. No photocopies,

 Each articles should be preceded by an abstract of around 100 words.

Charts, tables, and other graphic material should be presented on bond paper
in camera-ready format, that is, laser printed.

A machine-readable copy of the paper  on a non-returnable 3.5" diskette is
also required. It can be formatted for either DOS (WordPerfect 5.1) or
Macintosh (Claris Works or MacWrite II). If none of these word processing
packages is available, plain ASCII will do. End notes should be in a separate
file and not embedded in the program, that is, not programmed footnotes that
come with some word processing programs.

A brief biographical statement should be included with your article (ca. 50

Please adhere follow The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th edition, using
Documentation One, end notes.

Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th edition is the authority for
spelling, word division, abbreviations, and hyphenation.

Submissions for consideration are due August 15, 1995. Final manuscripts and
diskettes are due October 1, 1995. The expected publication date is March

Queries, manuscripts, and floppy disks should be addressed to
Thomas W. Leonhardt, Editor
University of Oklahoma
Bizzell Memorial Library
401 W. Brooks
Norman, OK 73019-0528

VOICE: (405) 325-2611
FAX:    (405) 325-7550