Revue de Belles-Lettres (RBL) - Reply William Hoffman 25 May 1995 14:37 UTC

RE: Revue de Belles-Lettres (RBL)

Dear Helen,

I believe that I may be able to help you.  I took a look at our check in
records, here at Swets Subscription Service, and found that you might be
missing a couple of combined issues.

According to our records, this is what we have received of RBL:

- 93 116e annee no.  1
- 93 116e annee nos. 2-4 (combined)
- 94 117e annee nos. 1-2 (combined)
- 94 117e annee nos. 3-4 (combined)
- 95 118e annee no.  1

I hope that this helps...
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