_Against the Grain_ on the World Wide Web Katina Strauch 26 May 1995 21:29 UTC

I'm pleased to announce that Against the Grain is going to have a
presence on the World Wide Web.  Right now you can find us (and the
Charleston Issues in Book and Serials Acquisitions Conference) on the
Readmore webserver at <http://www.readmore.com/info/atghome.html>  As of
June 5, 1995, we'll be
moving to our permanent home under contract with Spider Graphics, where
our URL will be <http://www.spidergraphics.com/atg/atgld.html>.

Some of the information you'll find on our homepage includes the Table of
Contents of ATG issues from vol. 7, #1 on, lists of interviews and
features from previous issues, and news about the upcoming Charleston
Conference.  In addition, you can find subscription information for ATG,
and send in comments.  And we have lots of ideas for new features to

Meanwhile, I'd like to thank Readmore and Marilyn Geller for allowing us
to get started on this exciting project and providing us with a temporary
home on the web.  In addition, their help and enthusiasm in showing me
what was possible and actually preparing some of my documents for
publication on the web was invaluable (and will continue to be, I'm
sure).  And remember, even after we move our headquarters, you'll still
be able to access ATG from the Readmore homepage.  (Also, check out ATG's
excellent interview with Dan Tonkery on the Readmore web site.)

I'll be interested to hear comments and suggestions about our new
venture.  Let me know what you think.  E-mail me at strauchk@cofc.edu.
Thanks for visiting!  Katina
Katina Strauch
Head, Collection Development
College of Charleston
Charleston, SC  29424-0001

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