SERIALST Advisory: Mail Delays This Week Birdie MacLennan 29 May 1995 21:24 UTC

Because all of SERIALST's moderators will be attending the NASIG (North
American Serials Interest Group) conference at Duke University
in Durham, North Carolina this week, any mail sent to SERIALST from May 30
thru June 4 may be delayed or held until early next week.  While our
NASIG colleagues have advised us that there will be 24 hour email access
from Duke, we cannot guarantee time or availability of resources for
continuous posting of mail to the list during the week.  Normal posting of
SERIALST mail will resume on Monday, June 5.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at NASIG this week.  Travel safely!

Birdie MacLennan, Listowner/Moderator

Ann Ercelawn, Associate Moderator

Marcia Tuttle, Associate Moderator