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Waste of our subscription dollars (Carol Feustel) Ann Ercelawn 07 Jun 1995 15:20 UTC

Date: Mon, 05 Jun 1995 09:26:00 -0500
From: Carol Feustel <Carol.Feustel@UC.EDU>
Subject: Waste of our subscription dollars

Today I received 36 (yes, thirty-six) letters from Williams & Wilkens.
All were renewal notices for journals we renewed through our journal
vendor.  Granted, the postage was $.264 each, but the cost of creating
the mailing added to that naturally raises their costs, which they
pass on to all of us.  It wastes my time opening letters like this.

Publishers, don't you have a verification process?  Do you realize how
much money you waste with mailings like this?  I frequently receive
ads for journals we've subscribed to for years.

This is not a flame to the publishers.  We are all in times when
corners must be cut.  This seems to be an obvious place.

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