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Acq/Serials ALA meetings online Amira Aaron 12 Jun 1995 14:15 UTC

As a service to acquisitions/serials librarians, Readmore has
traditionally compiled an extensive printed list of relevant program and
discussion group meetings at ALA, with a somewhat limited distribution.
We are now pleased to make this list available in electronic form to the
entire library community on the World Wide Web and to be able to include
up-to-the minute changes and additions.  Printed copies will be sent or
faxed upon request from the Web page as well.  And, as usual, posters
with the final list of meetings/sessions will be on display at our booth
in the exhibits area.

We are looking forward to hearing from groups who have not yet posted
topics for discussion group meetings in areas relevant to serials and
acquisitions,  in order to make the online list as complete and useful as
possible.  Also, we encourage comments and additions to the meeting list,
which can be accessed at the following URL:

For further information, contact Amira Aaron ( or
Marilyn Geller (  We can also be reached at