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Date:         Mon, 12 Jun 1995 11:34:23 CST6CDT
From:         Christine Fletcher <CFLETCHER@LIBRARY.MSSTATE.EDU>
Subject:      Humor

To continue on our fave journal titles, I'm partial to Adhesives
Today and OOPS Messanger.
Fave title change: British Journal of Mental Subnormality
                      changed to British Journal of Developmental
Nice switch!

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Date:         Mon, 12 Jun 1995 14:26:53 -0500
From:         Katy Ginanni <GINANNI@EBSCO.COM>

One of my all-time favorite titles is the now ceased (I think)
publication from FAO called _Coconut Situation_.

Katy Ginanni
Acct Svcs Mgr, EBSCO