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ERWERB-L, German list for Acquisitions and Collection Development Otto Weippert 15 Jun 1995 14:34 UTC

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It is posted on behalf of the owner, Mr. Werner Reinhardt,
Wuppertal University Library.


The mailing list "Erwerbungsfragen in Bibliotheken" ("Discus-
sions on Acquisitions in Libraries"), established on June 1,
1995, is devoted to all questions relating to Acquisitions and
Collection Development. The language is chiefly German, but
contributions in English are welcome, too.

There will be no moderation; commercial and personal messages
are not allowed.

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command in the body of message:
subscribe erwerb-l

To unsubscribe, send mail to with the follo-
wing command in the body of message:
unsubscribe erwerb-l

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For any questions on list matters send mail to the following
| Dr. Otto Weippert              Tel.: (0821) 598 - 5341 |
|  - Erw.-Abt. -                 Fax :            - 5343 |
| Universitaetsbibliothek                                |
| D-86135 Augsburg                                       |
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| e-mail: Otto.Weippert@Bibliothek.Uni-Augsburg.DE       |