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fotomechanical reproductions of serial publications Anneke Houtkamp 20 Jun 1995 16:15 UTC

The Dutch WESP (Werkgroep Seriele Publicaties = Workgroup Serial
Publications) concerns itself with problems and issues related to the
cataloguing aspects of serial publications. We meet 3 times per year.
Subgroups are formed to prepare the ground, and formulate proposals for
discussions on specific topics.

Such a topic is: fotomechanical reprints of serial publications (sp), and how
to catalogue them.

Preliminary proposals are as follows:
When a library acquires part of a sp in fotomech. repr. (to close gaps in its
holding), the bibliographic record is made for the original; an annotation
for the holding lists which of the issues are in fotomech. repr. E.g.:
Holding: Vol. 1 (1951)-... Annotation: Vol. 6 (1956)-vol. 11 (1961):
Fotomechanical repr. New York, N.Y. : Kraus Reprint, 1985
When the fotomech. repr. is of the complete sp, the bibliographic record uses
the titlepage of the repr., with an Edition field: Fotomech. repr.,
Publisher field: <the new publisher and date>, Annotation: Fotomech. repr. of
<original title, original publisher, and original dates of publ.> For the
Number field and Holding field the original numbers are used.
So far there aren't any problems as far as we are concerned.

The problems arise, when part of a sp is published in fotomechanical reprint,
usually with an introduction, historical perspective, or such like.
These are usually sp-volumes which appeared during WWII, published illegally.
The sp itself still exists, and most libraries have current holdings,
although these (rare) war-issues may be missing in most cases.

How are these to be catalogued. Can they be added to the bibliographic record
of the original title? - In which case information concerning the added
essays etc. will be lost?
Should they be catalogued separately? As serial publication? Or as a
monograph? - How should these catalogue entries be linked to that of the sp?

I'd be grateful for suggestions, and information about practices elsewhere in
the world.

Please reply to me personally.
[ed. note: replies to SERIALST also welcome. -bml]

Anneke Houtkamp
Vrije Universiteit. Library
e-mail address:

     tel. 020-4445152