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IPD phone number Tom Hinders 21 Jun 1995 17:07 UTC

Along with many libraries Oberlin has been frustrated time and time
again by Gordon & Breach titles. Now we are getting invoices from
International Publishers Distributor, G&B's current U.S. distributor,
for things that we have already paid for. Some of these invoices are
for 1992 volumes that we never received! I suspect that STBS, G&B's
previous U.S. distributor, did not pass the information on to IPD that
these items were already paid for. Although I have an address for
IPD they have not answered any of our mail. Therefore, I would like
to get their phone number so that I can call them; however, when I
called Newark, NJ information I was told that there is no listing for
IPD. Here is the address that I have:
   International Publishers Distributor PTE, LTD.
   P.O. Box 27542
   Newark, New Jersey 07101-8742

If anyone has a phone number for IPD or a suggestion please let me
know. thanks in advance for your help.

Tom Hinders
Head of Serials
Oberlin College Library
216/775-8285 x224