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USBE's Web Site (John T. Zubal) Marcia Tuttle 10 Jul 1995 12:31 UTC

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Date: Sat, 8 Jul 1995 11:48:21 -0500
From: John T. Zubal <jzubal@ZUBAL.COM>
Subject: USBE's Web Site

United States Book Exchange (USBE) has established a web site which holds:

1. The U.S.B.E. Shelf List (1995 Edition): This is the basic listing of ca.
15,000 periodicals titles USBE regularly stocks and makes available to member
libraries for the modest service charge of $7 per issue. The Shelf List may be
downloaded in a variety of formats or searched online. An electronic order
form is included.

2. Detailed information about joining USBE.

3. Seasonal specials which are open both to member and non-member libraries.

4. Information about the USBE Donational Program.

To browse the USBE web site, type

USBE's new email address is: USBE@USBE.COM

Fx: 216 241 6966
Ph: 216 241 6960

2969 west 25th st cleveland, oh 44113