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Cataloging question: LLMC Martindale-Hubbell microfiche (Joan Condell) Marcia Tuttle 10 Jul 1995 20:07 UTC

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Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 15:08:27 -0400
From: DC School of Law <catalogr@CAPCON.NET>
Subject: Cataloging question: LLMC Martindale-Hubbell microfiche

I have a serials cataloging question sticky enough to make me de-lurk
in hopes of getting some help.  :-)

We've just received from the Law Library Microform Consortium the
_Martindale-Hubbell D.C. Directory_ and the _Martindale-Hubbell D.C.
Digest_ covering the years 1868 through 1980.  I've found a fiche record
on OCLC for the _Digest_, but not the _Directory_.  However, the record
I found is for the entire _Directory_, not just D.C. (I won't even
mention that it doesn't go back to 1868 [Oops!  Too late!]).

Ordinarily, I'd just go ahead and add new records to OCLC, but the
thing is, what LLMC sent isn't *exclusively* DC - it's whatever
portion of the _Directory_ or _Digest_ that has DC *in* it:  one year
it might be Alabama through Maryland, another year Connecticut through
Florida, etc.  I'm tempted to catalog them as entire entities, then add
a local note that indicates that we own only the DC portion.  OTOH,
since we don't *have* the entire item for either title, that makes
cataloging them that way not an enjoyable prospect.

Opinions?  Suggestions?  Comments?


- Joan P. (for `Perplexed') Condell

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