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Switch from paper to electronic and EDD (fwd) Marcia Tuttle 14 Jul 1995 13:01 UTC

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Date: Fri, 14 Jul 1995 09:57:06 GMT+2
From: Heinrich C. Kuhn <hck@IPP-GARCHING.MPG.DE>
Subject: Switch from paper to electronic and EDD

Dear Listmembers,

   The library of one of one of our institutes intends to stop subscribing
bibliographical periodicals like e.g. *Chemical Abstracts* and tell those
of its users who are not doing so already now anyway to use the parallel
databases (e.g. *Chemical abstracts* on STN [i.e. something like the Ohio
host in the USA and the Tokyo one in Japan]) instead. The patrons have
already now access to a team that provides guided recherches in the
relevant databases and would be encouraged to more intensive use of this

   The library intends as well to stop subscribing to some "normal
periodicals" which have low usage and offer fast EDD service instead to
provide patrons with any articles published in these journals they might
need in future. This service would most probably be gratis to the patrons,
as it is hoped, that for those journals the cost of papers provided via
EDD will be inferior to the cost of the subscription.

   Probably lots of you will have already made these switches in your own

   Could you tell me, how patrons tend to react to changes like these? And
what you did with the old paper-versions of things like *Chemical

   I would try to summarize responses send to me personally
(, or, if that should not work:
for the list.

   Please do excuse the longish questions! And: Thanks a lot already now
for all your answers!!!

Heinrich C. Kuhn
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