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Russian title ceased, need further information (Sharon Wiles-Young) Marcia Tuttle 18 Jul 1995 18:14 UTC

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Date: Tue, 18 Jul 1995 12:08:44 EDT
Subject: Russian title ceased, need further information

The Russian title:
 Vedomosti Sezda Narodnykh deputatov Rossiiskoi Federatsii i Verkhovnogo Soveta
 Rossiiskoi Federatsii.  ISSN:0868-4944 OCLC#25727758

 Ceased in 1993 and what we need to know if there is a comparable title to
 replace this title with.  A user has put this question to us and we are not
 sure what other titles on Russian politics/government we can suggest. Also
 the library would like to order a title that would fill this hole in our
 collection right now.

 I appreciate any help. Thanks

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