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Re: micro readers/printers David Twiest 25 Jul 1995 14:53 UTC wrote:
>We currently use CANON 80's & 90's as our microfilm
>reader/printers and have experienced a number of mechanical
>failures over the course of a year...can anyone comment on their
>overall performance with same...what has your experience been with
>with reader/printers?....what would you consider to be far superior to
>the CANON and why? ...

 WE have used Minolta RP 503  for about eight years with fairly good success.
 We have about 200,000 pieces of microform  which gets fairly heavy use in
 the course of the school year.  When we upgrade we will probably stick
 with this manufacturer since we also get good service from Bell and Howell.
 Best to you since I know these machines can be a pain.

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