Source for the Russian journal Science & technics PAT JENNINGS 01 Aug 1995 19:54 UTC

        I need help.  We have been trying to order a Russian journal called
Science & technics, published in English.  The U.S. phone and fax numbers
below have been disconnected.  The subscription agency we tried has been
unable to contact the publisher.  Does anyone know anything about this
journal?  Please contact me directly if you have any information.  Thanks
for your help.

Russian address:                U.S. address:
The Information Agency          Russian General Register/USA
Russian General Register        P.O. Box 793
14 Smolnaya Str.                Valley Forge, PA 19482
125493 Moscow                   Phone: 215-783-7111
Phone: 456.73.10                Fax: 215-783-7112
Fax: 456.82.43

Pat Jennings
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, CA 94550