Serial gifts (Aimee Algier) Marcia Tuttle 11 Aug 1995 14:28 UTC

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Date: Fri, 11 Aug 1995 06:58:03 -0700
Subject: serial gifts

So far, Donnice Cochenour has hit on the issue I am trying to deal with:
statements by publishers that say it is illegal to donate copies to
libraries due to price differences between personal subscriptions and
institutional subscriptions. To my knowledge, I don't think any library
has been sued, but the scenario has been set up by some publishers to
be able to do so. I would like to request that Gayle Gillespie from the
University of Kansas comment on this issue, as she was the first one
to make me aware of the problem. Mitch, I am not seeking legal advice,
but rather awareness of legal issues.

Thank you,
Aimee Algier